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As Auckland's growing population increases, so does the demand for housing capacity, intensity and choice, along with employment, business, infrastructure, social facilities and services.

As recognition of the increasing demand for housing intensity and choice in Auckland, the Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP) was introduced as Auckland’s blueprint for development. This has allowed greater opportunities for property owners looking to develop their owner occupied or investment properties in Auckland. 

Where once you may have been able to subdivide your site into two freehold lots, or build one or two new dwellings, you are now more than likely able to intensify development across your site, subject to a land use led resource consent application, focusing on quality design and functional layout.

The one thing that hasn’t changed under the AUP is ensuring that you get accurate information before you commit to making decisions. 

If you take a typical residential Mixed Housing Urban site for example, consideration needs to be given to the shape of the site, vehicle access, existing and proposed services, land contours, protection overlays, title covenants, the surrounding pattern of development, ground conditions and more.

That’s where Establish Planning can help!

Before jumping into purchasing a site, or going down the design path, it is crucial to have a general understanding of your site, the Unitary Plan rules and expected environmental outcomes and potential solutions / issues that will need to be addressed.

Our feasibility / due-diligence assessments will advise on the above plus more and should the assessment be favourable to development, our team can then connect you with the right people to take your development from concept through to completion.

We’ve all done our own personal developments in one way shape or form previously, so we know what it's like to juggle the many moving parts.

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